At the Centre for Business History, we offer over 70,000 shelf meters of material for research. You can start your research online, though.  Here’s a run-through of which archives we hold and which online service we offer.

Our client companies’ source material depict the Swedish busines history. They are Sweden’s busines history. So is the large amount of “ownerless material” that we manage after defunct companies. This is what you can find at our facilities in Bromma:

You can find much online at CfN Online.

CfN Online is our digital archive that is made accessible directly online. It contains a digitalized selection of our physical source material. Please note that CfN Online requires a personal login. Contact us to get yours.

Visit CfN Online

Our business library “Sigfrid”

Our extensive business libarary is called Sigfrid, after the legendary ASEA-executive Sigfrid Edström (f. 1870).

Come read books in our libarary in Bromma. Before visiting, you might want to search online in our library database, so you know which books you want us to fetch for you. The books can unfortunately only be read on our premises and not lent for home-use.


Here’s how researching chez nous works:

If you want to research a specific historical material, please mail us with information of what you’re looking for. We’ll check with the owner of the archive in question if your research request can be accepted. After all, we are only care takers of the source material and it still belongs to its originating organization. Once your request has been cleared, we’ll help you with research and retrieval. You can book a time for visiting us to examine the source material. If the depositor agrees, you can also make copies to bring home. Digital copies can also be made, again if the depositor agrees.

Good to know

  • Opening hours: Our research/reading room and our phone/mail service is open between 09.00 and 16.00 on weekdays, except Mondays when we opeen 10.30 and Fridays when we close at 14.30. Closed for lunch all days between 11.30 and 12.30.
  • Copying costs 2,50 kr per A4-copy and 3,50 kr per A3-copy. Please pay cash. We cannot accept cards.
  • Digitilization: Priced on request.

When non-commercial customers make use of our research services, the price is 500 kr per hours (VAT not included).  We do not charge for first hour.