The research centre at the Centre for Business History in Stockholm manages independent research projects that highlight the development of Swedish enterprises over time. The projects are financed by external trusts and research grants.

Since 1974, we have helped Swedish enterprises preserve and present the history of Swedish business. Our commercial services help individual companies leverage their own unique heritage. However, our research centre, which is directly linkted to our non-profit association, focus on cross-industry research projects in order to show the societal impact of business in general.  We run research projects that highlight untold parts of business history. Our projects are financed by external trusts and research grants.

In our shop you’ll find many of the reports and books that our research centre has contributed to.

Director of research Anders Houltz manages the reserach centre, with its vast network of academic contacts and strategic issues. He also project manages research-preparatory projects.

Ongoing projects

Peder Herzog – Jewish immigrant, successful entrepreneur

He immigrated as a book binder apprentice and ended up leading the largest printing house in Scandinavia. Peder Herzog was a major contributor to the industrialization of the free, printed word at the end of the 1800s, and a portal figure in Swedish business of the time. This project, financed by the Torsten Söderberg Foundation, depicts Herzog’s life and work in relation to the modernization of Swedish society.

The Enterprise of Culture: International Structures and Connections in the Fashion Industry since 1945

This three-year EU-backed project, which includes researchers from several countries, studies the role of the fashion industry when creating a European cultural identity and a place in the global economy. What does the relationship between center and periphery look like, how has fasion entrepreneurs combined local, regional and global resources and sensitivities? The Centre for Business History in Stockholm is in charge of the project’s “oral history”-part, interviewing some of the key people in the fashion world.

Gustaf Dalén – A Biography

An updated biography of the inventor, entrepreneur and business leader Gustaf Dalén. The project depicts his upbringing in rural Sweden, his student years at Chalmers in Gothenburg and ETH in Zürich, his role as a business leader of companies such as Aga, his Nobel Prize in 1912 and the accident that same year which cost him his eyesight, ending with his passing in 1937.

World Exhibitions in a unique source material

Originating from the Bernadotte Archives’ images and albums from world exhibitions, this projects analyzes the relationship between monarchy and enterprise in relation to the global exhibitions. The project studies these exhibitions as a medial arena where royalty and companies coordinated efforts to modernize society. The project is financed by the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation.

Historical sources on Swedish business entrepreneurship in Russia 1850-1920

The project sets out to make accessible the common Swedish-Russian history that can be found partly in the archives of Swedish companies, partly in archival institutions in the area that the Russian empire included prior to 1917. The project is run in cooperation with researchers at the University of Uppsala, Södertörn University and the Stockholm School of Economics, as well as with international academic networks.