The Centre for Business History in Sweden is organized as a non-profit association. Our members are also our owners. We finance our activites through membership fees and commercial services, that we offer our members and other companies. We are politically independent and all our work is based on scientific, historical grounds.

It is primarily companies and organizations who are members of the non-profit association. Membership is a requirement in order to benefit from our commercial archival and history marketing-services. Individuals find it more beneficial to be members of Friends of Swedish Business History (Sällskapet Näringslivshistoriens Vänner). At a lower cost, these members receive the same membership benefits as members of the non-profit assocation:

  • Invitations to events and seminars
  • Subscription to the quarterly business magazine “Företagshistoria”
  • Our digital newsletter
  • Discounts in our shop

This are all the members of the non-profit association.

Membership fee for the non-profit association Centre for Business History (Föreningen Centrum för Näringslivshistoria):
The annual cost of membership to the non-profit association consists of a membership fee (2,000 SEK) and a service fee (depending on the members annual turnover). The service fee is tax deductable. VAT is not included in the service fee. The membership fee is VAT-exempt.

Annual turnover  (SEK) Annual Fee
<10 million
10 – 50 million
50 – 100 million
100 – 200 million
200 – 500 million
500 – 1000 million
>1000 million
4,000 SEK
6,000 SEK
8,000 SEK
10,000 SEK
12,000 SEK
14,000 SEK
17,000 SEK

Voluntary support fee: 10,000 SEK/year

Want to know more about membership? Contact:

Alexander Husebye, CEO, +46-8-634 99 14

Eva Ersson Åbom, Consultant Business History, +46-8-634 99 30