BUSINESS HISTORY PUBLISHING publishes books that tell the history of enterprises and business. Our book projects often start with the rich source material that is available at the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, the owner of the publishing house.

The Centre for Business History in Stockholm is one of the world’s leading business archives, documenting the history of thousands of Swedish companies on behalf of their management and owners. We have for decades initiated, edited and produced books with other publishing houses, often based on the source materail and history that we take care of. This led us to starting our own publishing house, BUSINESS HISTORY PUBLISHING, in 2016.

We welcome all suggestions on business history that you think we should look at to

Publishing director is Alexander Husebye, CEO of the Centre for Business History in Stockholm. Project- and production manager is Jenny Bergman at the Centre for Business History.

Some of our recent books at BUSINESS HISTORY PUBLISHING:

Kreativa Sthlm – A future history about Stockholm.

Author: Nima Sanandaji.

Beloved Gadgets – 100 Year of Technical Innovation.

Essays by several experts and historians.


Vin&Sprit 1917-2008. From policy to market.

Author: Hans De Geer

Ruter Dam – 30 Years of Female Management Development.

With texts by Karin Thunberg, Hanna Dunér, Lotta Byqvist, Sofie Lundmark, Anders Sjöman & Gunilla Arhén.

An Era of World Exhibitions. Royalty, business and media.

Authors: Göran Alm, Anders Houltz, Björn Axel Johansson, Pelle Snickars and Jenny Stendahl.

Ecce homo. See the man. A book about Ersta.

Writers: Elisabeth Christiansson, Motzi Eklöf, Karin Jansson Myhr and Nils Johan Tjärnlund