The purpose of the association Friends of the Centre for Business History is to give its members a chance to experience business heritage settings, familiarize themselves with unique corporate acrhives, exchange thoughts about business history, and also to meet interestning business profiles of today.

Members in the “Friends of…”-association receive the same benefits as companies and organizations who are members of the Association Centre for Business History:

  • Invitations to events and seminars
  • Subscription to the quarterly business magazine “Företagshistoria”
  • Our digital newsletter
  • Discounts in our shop

The annual membership fee is 280 SEK, payable to bankgiro 517-0451. Don’t forget to include your name and emailadress when paying.

Do you want to know more? Contact:

Kerstin Stigmark, association secretary,


The board of the “Friends of…”-association

  • Lennart Francke, Senior Advisor at Swedbank and board member of the Centre for Business History
  • Martin Joanson, Facility Manager at SEB
  • Kerstin Stigmark, previously research officer at the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (RIksbankens Jubileumsfond)
  • Sara Johansson, editor in chief of Företagshistoria and editor-at-large at the Centre for Business HIstory
  • Anders Sjöman, VP Communication at the Centre for Business History