Our holiday gift: Childhood 20 years

Our gift this company season is a a book about Childhood 20 years, which we have made together with World Childhood Foundation, about their work to give children a more loving and caring childhood. The book presents many of the projects that have received support – and you also meet Queen Silvia who explains why she founded Childhood.

In 1999, World Childhood Foundation was founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden, in order to prevent violence and sexual abuse of children. In the 20 years that have passed since then, Childhood has given support to over thousand different projects, in order to develop new methods and models so that more children can have a safe and loving childhood.

The book For a childhood free from violence (För en barndom fri från våld, Business History Publishing, 2018), which we have produced together with Childhood, presents many of these cases. Much work remains, but Childhood has shown over its two decades that with combined efforts, violence and abuse of children kan be stopped.

The book marks the beginning of Childhood’s 20-year jubilee in 2019.  At a gala in December, a few days before Queen Silvia’s 75th birthday, the book was presented to the Queen as a much appreciated gift.

See the full gala on Sweden’s public service television SVT Play. The Childhood-presentation is at 1 hour 26 minutes into the program. (In Swedish.)

The book is currently available in Swedish. In February, there will be editions also in English, German and Portuguese.

Läs bland annat om Childhoods arbete med mentormammor som fungerar som hembesökande BVC-sköterskor i Sydafrika.  (Foto: Childhood.)

Read about Childhood's work with mentor mothers, who become de facto children's nurses in South Africa. (Photo: Childhood.)

Läs om hur Childhood arbetar för att få oss alla att vara mer uppmärksamma så att övergrepp på barn kan förhindras. Här ses prinsessan Madeleine på en bild från Times Square i New York i kampanjen Eyes wide open 2015. (Foto: Childhood.)

Read about Childhood's work to make us all more aware of how children's abuse can be prevented. Here is Princess Madeleine during an announcement at Times Square in New York from the campaign Eyes wide open in 2015. (Photo: Childhood.)

Christian Berg kom 2003 till Childhood med en banbrytande idé om hur teknik kan hjälpa att spåra och förhindra sexuella övergrepp mot barn. Det företag som Childhood hjälpte honom starta - Netclean - hjälper nu poliser och myndigheter i länder över hela världen.  (Foto: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT)

Christian Berg came to Childhood in 2003 with a path-breaking idea about how technology could help trace and prevent sexual abuse of children. The company that Childhood helped him start - Netclean - is today helping police and authorities around the world. (Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT)

Den 18 december 2018 uppvaktades Drottningen inför sin 75-årsdag av alla de stiftelser som hon startat eller beskyddar.  Boken om Childhoods 20 år överlämnades då till henne i en specialutgåva.

A holiday gift from many!

The book, which we have made as a pro-bono assignment, is our annual corporate holiday gift for 2018. Childhood and we extend our sincere thanks to the partners who also offered their time and labor for free in the making of this book:

The book’s project team

The book is published by Business History Publishing . The book’s project team at the Centre for Business History (who own’s the publishing house) was:


  • Texts by: Britta Holmberg, Paula Guillet de Monthoux, HRH Princess Madeleine, Ulrika Fjällborg, Maja Lundbäck, Hanna Dunér, Johan Holmström, Maria Lindberg Howard, Åsa Andreasson Åkerström, Anders Sjöman, Sara Johansson
  • Art Director: Bea Hellman
  • Print: Åtta45 Tryckeri (Järfälla, Stockholm)
  • Jubilee package: Profilskaparen

The book is distributed by World Childhood Foundation to select receipients. It will also be available for purchase where books are sold in Sweden, from early 2019, All proceeds will go to Childhood. 

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