Your company’s heritage is a story that is uniquely yours. It is the force behind your brand, your organization, your business. We call it history marketing when you use the energy of a true story. Tell your history to build today’s business.

Every company has a story. A heritage that is a unique to that organization. You find it in photos, meeting notes, drawings, marketing material, ad campaigns, business deals and internal memos. It can be 1, 10 or 100 years old. Regardless, it is a narrative that builds trust and creates new business, a leverage that we like to call history marketing.

A professional corporate archive gives almost unlimited opportunities to discover and use your own unique heritage. But even if your historical material is spread out and unordered, we can still help. We blend storytelling, technology and design with archival and historical expertise to tell your story. Our archivists and editors are professionals in business research, fact finding and context building. They know what turns a good story into a great one. We tell engaging and confirmed corporate stories, narratives that are based on authentic source material.

Våra redaktörer lyfter fram det unika i just ditt företags hsitoria.

Our editors will find the unique narrative in your company's history.

Ericsson berättar sin historia i montrar i entrén till huvudkontoret.

Ericsson tells it story in a permanent exhibition in its Stockholm headquarters.

ICA byggde upp en gammal handelsbod med material från sitt arkiv.

ICA built an old-style drugstore with material from its own archives.

LKAB tog fram

"Boken om LKAB", coffe-table book, published 2015 for the mining giant's 125th anniversary

"That little extra... - The story of Atteviks", 60-page softback book published 2015 for the family enterprise's 70th anniversary.

ICAs historiska webbplats,

ICA's historical website,

Systembolagets historiska webbplats,

Systembolaget's historical website,

Vattenfalls historiska webbsidor:

Vattenfall's historical webpages on its corporate website:

Släktträd för Trygg-Hansa (2001)

Corporate family tree for insurance giant Trygg-Hansa (2001)

Släktträd för Skandia (2003)

Corporate famliy tree for insurance giant Skandia (2003)

Find your narrative in a history workshop

All history marketing starts with your communicative goals and what you want your historical narrative to achieve. Is it just generally time for a jubilee? Or do you need to verify your cutting-edge profile with historical examples? Do next year’s ad campaigns need some nostalgic infusion? Do you need to explain to your investors that next year’s growth plans mirror all the growth spurts from your past?

Regardless of what your brand or communication goals are, we help you identify the historical narrative that empowers you. We often start with a workshop where we set find the narrative and develop the synopsis. This could lead us to just selecting a few poignant moments in your history. Or we could decide to package your historical events into common theme, like brands, people, products and places. Regardless, the Centre for Business History will help you tell a corporate history that is both interesting, relevant and true.

Many ways to tell your history

Once we’ve identified your narrative, we can package it in many ways.

On the web

A historical website is core to most history marketing. A webbased story lets you connect with target audiences and ensures that your heritage is aligned with your brand in engaging, meaningful campaigns. It’s also a natural hub for all social media and other content markteting activities.

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In films and pictures

Photos or movie clips are invaluable for telling engaging stories about your company’s development. Use your company’s photographic memories to strengthen your brand and engage with the audience. Or use your imagery and other elements to produce a whole new video. We can produce for you, always relying on authentic storytelling to engage your audiences.

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In books and publications

These days, when a whole library can fit into your pocket, an actual physical publication come with an special allure and value. You can touch it, flip its pages and read it with proper consideration. You can keep it on your nightstand or your bookshelf. Whether you want a book, a brochure or something in between, we can produce it for you.

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In social media

When honesty and transperency is more important than ever for brand building and customer relations, a verifiable historical account in social media is just what you need. Social media lets you engage with your customers and share knowledge and inspiration as part of your content marketing-activities. ‘Cause what better content is there to start online discussions with than your own acutal true stories?

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In exhibitions and events

Conferences, exhibitions and events are all excellent opportunities for meetings and discussions. Take the chance to making an engaging presentation of your corporate history, one that awakens curiosity and interest. From concept development through installation, we deliver your exhibit for you.

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With a family tree

The history of most companies and industries is filled with mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs. It’s both tricky and exciting to get a handle on. But presented as a corporate family tree, it both illuminates and explains.

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