A historical website is core to most history marketing. A webbased story lets you connect with target audiences and ensures that your heritage is aligned with your brand in engaging, meaningful campaigns. A hub for all social media and content markteting activities.

Use the power of your own unique heritage and tell it on a historical website. By inviting audiences to share in your company’s own history and learnings, you awake interest and create engagement. A historical website makes your corporate heritage accessible to everyone, everywhere, at all hours. Integrate your website with your social media-channels to reach even more and to invite to discussion that takes engagement to the next level.

Our archivists and editors are experts at telling engaging and confirmed corporate stories, narratives that are based on authentic source material. We blend storytelling and web design with archival and historical expertise to tell your story.

And if you’ve invested in a well-structured corporate archive, you have the platform for updating your history site on a continuous basis with new stories.

Here are some of the historical websites we’ve built for customers:

ICAs historiska webbsajt, www.ica-historien.se.

ICA's historical website, http://ica-historien.se/

Svenska Bostäders historia berättas i en kombinerad tids- och kartlösning. Välj decennium och se bilder och läs texter om vad Svenska Bostäder byggde i Stockholmsområdet just då.  https://www.svenskabostader.se/var-historia/

Svenska Bostäder's story of building housing in the Stockholm region is told in a combined time- and map-solution.

Till Alectas 100-årsjubileum 2017 tog vi fram en historisk webbsajt som berättar om hur en kollektiv tjänstepensionslösning skapat trygghet och rörlighet på arbetsmarknaden.  http://www.alectashistoria.se/

Insurance provider Alecta has provided solutions since 1917.

Systembolagets historiska webbplats, www.systembolagethistoria.se

Systembolaget's historical website, www.systembolagethistoria.se

Skandias historiska sajt: http://www.skandiahistoria.se/

Skandia's historical website, http://www.skandiahistoria.se/

Arvid Nordquists historiska webbplats, http://www.anhistoria.se/

Arvid Nordquist's historical website, http://www.anhistoria.se/

Atlas Copcos historiska webbsidor, http://www.atlascopco.com/history/

Atlas Copco's historical webpages, part of their corporate website, http://www.atlascopco.com/history/

Ericssons historiska webbplats, http://www.ericssonhistory.com/

Ericsson's history website, "The Ericsson History", http://www.ericssonhistory.com/

HSBs historiska webbplats, http://www.hsb-historien.se/

HSB's historical website, http://www.hsb-historien.se/

Lantbrukarnas Riksförbunds historiska webbplats, http://www.lrfhistoria.se/

HIstorical webiste for the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF), http://www.lrfhistoria.se/

OKs historiska webbplats, http://www.okhistoria.se/

OK's historical website, http://www.okhistoria.se/

Telia Companys historiska webbplats, http://www.teliacompanyhistory.com/

Historical website for Telia Company, http://www.teliasonerahistory.com/

Unilevers historiska webbplats, sidorna för GB Glass: http://www.unileverhistoria.se/

Historical website for Unilever Sweden and all its brands (pictured are the pages for GB icecream), http://www.unileverhistoria.se/

Vattenfalls historiska webbsidor: http://historia.vattenfall.se/

Vattenfall's historical webpages on its corporate website: http://historia.vattenfall.se/

A website for your communication needs

We create the website that best suits the needs of you and your organization.

  • freestanding historical website that we link to your corporate digital archive is a powerful storytelling platform. Load it with engaging content: archive material in combination with new articles and vidos. Tell it thematically or chronologically. An integrated search engine makes all the content easy to find.
  • A purely image-based website is a great alternative when you have an abundance of images, films and printed material. A simple and easy-to-navigate structure simplifies the task of adding content.
  • A timeline web tells your company in straight, chronological order. We help you create a timeline that brings your corporate history to life in text and images. A timeline is easy to integrate with an existing corporate website.
  • An historical campaign-page lets you quickly introduce a jubilee or an historical event, before you lead your visitors further on your regular website.
  • If you’d rather tell your company’s history on your existing website, we’ll help you with structure, images and other editorial decisions.

We’re there all the way

No matter which type of online packaging you choose, we’re there all the way to help you tell your history. We find the narrative that best supports your communicative goals and objectives. We research and retrieve from the archive, and add newly produced material as needed. We design and develop your website. If you want to, we’ll also manage updates, uptime and general maintenance of the website.


Links to some historical websites we've built

Stand-alone history sites:

Incorporated webpages: