In our spacious, climate controlled facilities in Bromma, outside of Stockholm, we manage over 7,000 corporate archives and 70 kilometers of material. We have over 40 years’ experience of cost-effective archival management. We’d of course love to welcome your archive here too.

When our archivists have helped you map and cull your historically valuable material at your facilities, we move it to our archive facilities in Bromma. Our spacious facilities meet the high standards set by the Swedish National Archives for climate control and security for sensitive information. Historical images and films are kept at 12 degrees Celsius in dedicated climate controlled archives

At our location, we then order and list the documents, images, films and objects according to standardized archival methodology, making them easy to access later on.

Our archival services include:

  • Inventory on location including valuation/culling of material for continued handling.
  • Material management: ordering and listing of all materials.
  • Culling
  • Delivery of material to our facilities
  • Storage in approved facilities
  • Archive searches
  • Researchservice

The costs for your archive are for:

  • The one-time-work associated with inventory, culling, sorting and listing. (A one-time cost.)
  • Yearly cost per shelf meter of material (cost per year)
  • Companies with extensive demands for archive searches and replenishing of the archive normally sign up for service retainer agreement.
  • Membership fee: Archive customers also become members of the Association Centre for Business History at applicable tariffs and membership benefits.