Does your company need help retrieving content from their archive with us? Or are you researching a specific company’s history? Do you want to bring your school class for a visit? No matter which, just get in touch with us. Book time in our research room in Bromma if you want. There’s plenty of material online too.

At the Centre for Business History’s facilities in Bromma, outside Stockholm, there are over 7,000 corporate archives with over 70,000 shelf meters of material. You can read more about what we do here – but that’s a lot of business history in one place for anyone who wants to come and research. You can also start your research online with our web-based services.

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Once you know which specific corporate archive you want to dive into, contact our helpdesk Bild & Fakta. They’ll help guide you. You should know that most of the archives that we manage are owned by their respective companies. We’ll help you seek the appropriate permissions to study their material.

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We often welcome groups who want to learn more about Swedish business history or about how a corporate archive works. If you want to bring a group for a visit, just get in touch with us to set it up.

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Ah, the number of school classes we’ve welcomed over the years. We’re happy to see that they keep coming. If you’re a teacher looking for a chance to show your class how an archive works or how to work with source material, here we are.

Hi school classes! Come visit us!