Do you keep your corporate archives with us and need help with retrievals? Or are you a researcher who wants to dig into a specific corporate archive? Our service desk “Bild & Fakta” will help you.

If you work at a company that deposits its archives at the Centre for Business History, or if you are a researcher that wants to study an archive, just contact our service desk Bild & Fakta. They will happily help you find what you are looking for. It’s good to know beforehand that most of our company archives are owned by their respective companies, but we will of course help you with getting a permission to study the archive material.

To book an appointment, please contact:

For some general tips on how to search an archive, here’s a guide written by our archivist Lina Wiberg. Att forska i arkiv – Tips från arkivarien. Note: these instructions are in Swedish.

Some practical guidelines for your upcoming visit to us:

  • Our research hall is open weekdays Monday 10:30-16, Tuesday to Thursday 9-16 and Friday 9-14:30. Our reception is closed for lunch 11:30-12:30. No new archive material will be made available during lunch times.
  • Jackets and bags are to be stored in the security lockers in our entrance.
  • Archive material may not leave the research hall. You are personally responsible for keeping the documents condition and order intact during your time with the material.
  • If you are allowed to make copies of the material, a copying machine is available in the research hall. Each copy costs 2,50 kr/A4 and 3,50/A3. Payment can be made at the end of the day in the reception, or through an invoice.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the research hall, but please enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchenette outside the research hall. You are also allowed to eat lunch there, and a refrigerator and micro wave is available for use.
  • We love to see the results of your studies! If using material from us in your report, please state so by using the following line: “From the archives of (the depositor) at the Centre for Business History.”